No! Jimmy Protested.
Dirty Niall Imagine

You and Niall just arrived at the destination of your honeymoon, the Bahamas. During the flight, Niall wouldn’t stop touching you and kissing his neck. “Babe, wanna go into the bathroom?” Niall said seductively, winking at you. You playfully rolled your eyes and shook your head ‘no’. “Why not?” Niall whined, kissing your neck and wrapping his hands around your waist pulling you closer. “Because, this is a public plane! When we go on 1D’s private jet we can do it.” You whispered, trying to get him off of you. “Mrs. Horan, I want you.” He whispered in your ear, gently nipping your earlobe. ”Well Mr. Horan, you will have to wait approximately-” “Ladies and gentleman, the plane will be landing shortly. Please turn off any electronics and devices. I repeat, the plane will land shortly.” The flight attendant said into the loud speaker. “An hour and a half!” You said, finishing your sentence. He looked at you, pouting his lips in a way that he knows you can’t handle. “Nope.” You said, popping the ‘p’. He playfully glared at you. Soon it was time to leave the plane, he grabbed your overhead baggage. As you guys exited the plane, he kept a secure arm around your waist dangerously close to your bum. As you walked out of the airport a driver held up a sign that said ‘The Horan’s’. You guys entered the car, as soon as the doors shut Niall’s hands were all over you. “Can you wait?” You mumbled as he pulled you into a powerful kiss. “I have waited for this, for 3 years.” He reminded you, kissing your neck and rubbing the inside of your thigh. You didn’t believe in sex before marriage, and thankfully Niall respected that. It was hard, I mean who could resist him?! But you did it and you couldn’t wait to finally be one with him. You placed your hand on his thigh and started rubbing circles with your thumb. Soon you guys were at the hotel and checking in, still with his arm around your waist. The bell hopper took your bags and led you to a private house/hut by the clear blue water. You stood there in awe as Niall paid the bell hopper. He came over to you and picked you up bridal style, bringing you to the bed. “Niall, can’t we enjoy the view?” You asked as he gently set you done on to the comfy mattress. “We can enjoy it later, princess. We are going to be here for 2 weeks.” He said gently, kissing you on the cheek as he joins you on the bed. “But, Niall..” You said trailing off. “Princess, what’s wrong?” He asked with a concerned face. He pulled you closer as you took a deep breath. “Niall, this is my first time. I am kinda nervous.” You said, shutting your eyes so you don’t have to see the expression on his face. “Princess, I love you. You are now my wife! You should trust me, I would never ever hurt you.” He said, playing with your hair. You looked into his blue eyes and kissed him lightly, trailing your hand down his torso. “I trust you, I trust you. I love you too, Ni.” You whispered, kissing him with as much passion as you muster up. “Are you ready?” He asked as you pulled away for air. You nodded as he asked again if you were sure. He kissed you like never before, filled with so much passion, love, and lust. He put his hands on your waist as he turns over so you are on bottom. As your tongues fight for domanice, your hands trail down to the waistband of his pants. Niall started to unbutton your blouse as you took off his shirt, admiring his chest. He slowly pulled your skirt down to reveal your black lace panties. He looked down and saw your black lace bra and matching panties, and gave you a questioning look. “El and Dani made me wear it because they knew what was going to happen.” You explained, blushing a little. “They are pretty smart.” He chuckled as one of his hands lingered at the rim of your skirt and the other one gently hold your side very close to your boob. He brought you up to a position where your both on your knees on the bed. “Ready to do this?” He asked, still holding your waist. You nodded and pulled him into a very long kiss. He reached behind you and unstrapped your bra but still holding  it up to you, “I love you.” He whispered as he dropped your bra. He looked at you, a little smile pulling at the edges of his mouth. He pulled you in again for a kiss, hold your breasts in his hands. You could feel his member rub against your inner thigh, you gently grabbed his waist of his boxers. “I love you too.” You whispered before pulling them down. You pushed him on to the bed laying down as you trailed kisses from his neck to the tip of his throbbing cock. You teased him a little by licking it before taking it fully into your mouth. Niall groaned your name as you sucked on him, he grabbed your hair to push you into him more. You moaned as it hit the back of your throat, the vibrations sent Niall over the edge, sending his cum into your mouth. You swallowed and you went back up to kiss him. He grabbed you and flipped you over, now you were the one one the bottom. He kissed your torso, slowly going down as he reaches your waistband. Without a moment hesitation, he tears your underwear out from under you. He gets back on his knees as he looks at you, completely naked in front of him. He leans back down and kisses you passionately, as one hand is moving down to your pussy.  He massaged your clit as you moaned his name. “Niall, don’t you dare tease me! Get in me!” You growled as you pulled him up to meet your lips. He chuckled but obeyed your request. He shoved himself into you, giving you no time to adjust. As he pounded into you, he left love bites on your neck in between curses. “Faster! Oh god! Yes!” You whimpered as he went faster and faster. “I-im coming!” Niall said as you felt his warm juices filled you. You climaxed right after, breathing heavily. He collapsed next to you, panting. “That was amazing. I am so glad that you are my first.” You said cuddling up next to him. He put his arm around you and kissed your head. “No thank you. And i couldn’t agree more. You are truly amazing Princess.” He said, giving you a gentle squeeze. “Or should i call you Queen? Cause your not a little girl anymore.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows. You laughed as you snuggled even deeper into him, falling asleep with your new husband. 

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